Aquafitness Personal Training


Aquafitness Personal Training

What makes the aquafitness training with Marleen so special?

  • uniquely entertaining
  • diversified
  • effective
  • fun

What are we going to train?

  • muscle growth
  • strength endurance
  • specific muscle training
  • endurance
  • balance
  • coordination
  • concentration

Why is training in water good for me?

  • bodyforming because of training and water pressure
  • loosing weight
  • massage function of legs
  • good for regenerative training sessions
  • good possibility to start training after a long pause
  • good for return after injury
  • high calorie consumption in short time
  • enjoyable training
  • effective cardiovascular training
  • more flexibility because of warm water

The training takes place in at least 30° C warm water.

Start training with me and be surprised of the diversity of aquafitness!

In addition to a very high repertoire of exercises, Marleen`s Aquafitness Personal Training excels in the following areas:


    • Numerous training tools such as pool noodles, discs, dumbbells, balls, leg swimmers and much more
    • 30° C warm water
    • Aqua-Stretching
    • Strength training
    • Unique balance training
    • Coordination training
    • Aqua bike and aqua jumping
    • Training for kids
    • Games and fun

*Group training on request