Prices & Vouchers


Personal Training

1 PT session / circuit training 85,00 EUR
1 PT session for women over 50 / circuit training

(demanding, but not exhausting)

85,00 EUR
Stress reducing fascial training

(Relaxation of body and soul with slow movement)

65,00 EUR
Grouptraining 65,00 EUR per 1. participant,
5,00 EUR per additional participant, min. 3 people
Children personal training

(In the park)

65,00 EUR

Aquafitness Personal Training

1 TS for 45 minutes 65,00 EUR

*If training in rented pools, (except the swimming school Blubber in Hennigsdorf and public pools during normal opening hours) I will charge a pool renting fee of 50,00 EUR per hour.

Sustainable Nutrition

First coaching for 1,5 h 70,00 EUR
Further coachings for 45-60 Minutes 60,00 EUR
Cooking coaching 2 h. 80,00 EUR + groceries
Shopping and fridge analysis 40,00 EUR
Nutritionplan for one week 30,00 EUR
Active against daily stress

(1 h. cooking coaching, 20 min. fascial relaxation, 10 minutes mental relaxation exercise)

65,00 EUR + groceries
Sustainable weight loss

10 week program (1 coaching per week for 30 minutes, 10 nutrition plans, Tanita health check – BIA check inkl. determining your biological age)

250,00 EUR


Sustainable, healthy and easy

Create simple and delicious foods for your sustainable health

150,00 EUR + groceries
Raw, fresh and healthy

Discover the incredible diversity and power of raw foods

150,00 EUR + groceries
Green smoothie magic

Enjoy the diversity of healthy smoothies

80,00 EUR + groceries
Raw Food

Health in its purest way! Experience delicious raw food.

59,00 EUR book here, via or


Personal Training

1 x Personal Training 60,00 EUR
1 x Aquafitness Personal Training 50,00 EUR
10 x Personal Training

(Incl. an individual health check and 1 week nutrition plan)

600,00 EUR
10 x Aquafitness Personal Training

(Incl. an individual health check and a 1 week nutritional plan)

500,00 EUR
Shopping and fridge analysis

Shopping & fridge analysis incl. a 30 minutes coaching)

45,00 EUR