Vegan Nutritional Coaching


What’s so specials about the plant based diet according to Marleen’s concept?

  • helps to loose weight
  • helps to get used to controlled eating
  • no hunger feelings
  • has a lot of taste
  • includes variation und wealth
  • creates satisfaction
  • increases vitality
  • increases energy
  • helps to “re”learn the joy of eating and food
  • will improve gut function

How can Marleen help me?

  • with cooking classes
  • introducing new and easy daily recipes
  • long-term accompaniment
  • motivation
  • increasing your knowledge (Why is vegan healthy? Which tricks could help me? How can I get enough protein, calcium etc.?)
  • working up old and manifesting new faith rates
  • explaining easy facts about calorie density of foods

My professional support will help you find your own way. Daily life tips and tricks create an easy start into a plant based whole food diet. The sustainable nutrition concept is based upon your individual wishes and needs, regardless of whether you are at the beginning of your journey or already possess many years of experience. The concept is scientifically based and refers to numerous recognised studies.

Show courage and take the first step into a new, exciting and healthy future.

It’s important for me that you understand that this change of diet is not about counting calories. It’s all about the joy and consciousness of good and healthy foods. I’d like to help you going this new path with many little and easy steps. 🙂